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World Wrestling Championships

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Welcome to World Wrestling Championships!
Please Join to be in the most bloodiest hardcore wrestling there is. If your character gets put on the injuried list, you will not be able to fight for about a week or so. If you are like the "Legendary Ender", ToRn, then you will want to fight for what is most important to you..Championships. Help WWC grow to sky heights. Every week on either a Wednesday or a Sunday, there will be an exclusive Pay-Per-View. You will be expected to T2. T1 will be assigned specialy. When you join, do not complain about losing, or you may never get another shot for that title again..
10 out of 10 says ECHW



This is a wrestling site!  You have to t1,t2,and t3! There will be championships, PPVs, and hearts broken. You can ask for a shot for a championship, ask a person out, or request to be transferred! Join please!
If you dare!

!!!Everyone This Is Important Information Posted Below!!!

1-WWC will be closing for a short period!
2-It may open up with a giant grand opening or it may stay sealed.
3-I have another website e-fed I am tempting to open, but this is WWE Rp.
4-I might transfer all members from this site to the new one. But they might not happen.
6-Dont hate appreciate.

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