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World Wrestling Championships

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Past Champions

World Hevy Weight Title- toRn vs Gone; Winner=toRn may 23rd toRn vs Eddie G; Winner=toRn
NWA Title-USO vs Batista; Winer=USO May 25th
WWC Title-Eddie G vs toRn;Winner=toRn May 25th; toRn gives WWC title to Eddie; May 30th
International Title-MVP vs Gone; Winner=No One May 25th; Gone vs USO Winner=USO May 26th
US-Cobain vs John Cena; Winner=Cobain May 25th
CW-Shining Kid vs Billy Kidman; Winner=No One; Deuce is awarded CW title; May 27th
Tag Titles-USO and Gone; Gone striped of Tag Title and toRn becomes other half.
Womens-Lita vs Christy; Winner=No one May 25th
Advanced Champ-Ghetto vs Taker; Winner=Ghetto May 25th
ECW-Ghetto vs Taker; Winner=Ghetto May 25th; Changed to WWC Eagle Heavy Weight Title and Title is Vacated-June 16th
X-Title-Hardcore_Marcus vs AJ Styles; Winner = No one may 25th; Ghetto is awarded X-Title may 27th
WWC TV Title is introduced-June 16th

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